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What we do

Beginning with a complimentary consultation, we assess the property and give an appraisal. Once hired, we stage the home, price the items, provide marketing for the sale on multiple platforms, and host a two day sale. Other services include clearing the property of all items and donation/auction deliveries.


Varadi Estate Sales is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. We understand that the needs of each client differs. Our services are tailored to meet each client’s personal circumstances. We take great pride in our honest communication and transparent business model. 


"After our father's passing, we faced a common dilemma: managing a house full of possessions, made more complex due to our parents' valuable antique collection. Lora's obvious sense of caring service left us grateful and our customers happy and well-cared for. In the end we felt very confident that the sale gave us both the value we had hoped for and the kind of respect mom and dad's many years of loving attention deserved.

I don't think there is a way that I could begin to recommend Varadi Estate Sales highly enough or to express our sense of gratitude.

Sincerely, Richard Wright"